Freudenberg NOK Seals

Freudenberg NOK SealsAt Bergman Specialty Products we stock a vast array of items, but our most notable collection must be our seals. We carry a great many options, including every hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic seal you could ever require. We also offer oil seals, which are designed to keep stationary sections of machinery from being contaminated by interior and exterior pollutants. There are a number of fine oil seal manufactures, but few finer than Freudenberg NOK. A business of 21 years, Freudenberg NOK (which has expanded internationally) are a commended corporation who insist upon maintaining an extraordinary level of quality while creating pioneering products for a huge variety of applications. Their products are used by the "aerospace, aftermarket, fluid power, oil and gas, marine, off-highway equipment, recreational, industrial and chemical markets." They are a company to be respected and admired.

At Bergman, we carry all standard Freudenberg NOK oil seal materials, including Buna, neo/fab, Viton, Urethan and Teflon, to name a few. All of our items are stocked in a variety of sizes, from standard to metric to options for machines which are out of date or have been refurbished, profiles for which can be much harder to find. We will repair or replace any seals you currently own, whether they’ve completely ceased working or are just not performing at their ultimate level. No matter what you require of us, we will get the job done perfectly. Plus, our pricing options are peerless, at least 50% less expensive than those offered by our competitors. Chances are high that we have just what you’re looking for, but there’s only one way to know for sure: contact Bergman today.

  • We carry all standard Freudenberg NOK oil seal materials, including Buna, neo/fab, Viton, Urethan and Teflon.
  • Our repair and replacement costs are 50% or lower than the rates of our competition.
  • We’re impeccably stocked in a huge array of items in many materials and sizes, all of which are customizable for the specifications of your application.
  • All of our seals conform to the highest industry standards.
  • Our customer service is fantastic. Call today to get the help that you deserve. Before you know it you’ll have the ideal product waiting.
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